Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit

Personalities of the RABBIT

People born in the year of the rabbit have style, grace and impeccable manners. Even though rabbit people get along well with everyone, they are essentially reserved individuals, and are truly happy when they are engaged in some kind of academic or intellectual activity. They are just too sensitive to the world around them. They are not able to thrive in a cutthroat or hostile environment, and it makes them uneasy if someone forces them to take risks. Their inner world is just too fragile for troubled or impulsive circumstances, and they tend to generate a serene and comfortable surrounding on instinct. This personality trait makes them extremely welcoming and considerate individuals.

Rabbits love to entertain at home and always ensure their house is comfortable and stylishly furnished. They pay attention to every aspect, from colour and design to food and conversation. And only when they are sure that everything has been arranged to their liking can they relax and enjoy themselves. The average rabbit person highlights the significance of small details.

Person born in the year of rabbit frequently lead a traditional lifestyle, where one of the most significant things is their security. This quality also has a negative effect. Choosing safety over risk causes them to miss out on great opportunities. This however does not mean that these persons are lighthearted or negligent, because when they truly believe in something, they are quite serious, perseverant and competent.

With the appropriate partner, that is an individual whose high principles will not permit them to take advantage of their thoughtfulness, the Rabbit can make an amazingly loving and protective partner or family member. What Rabbits need most is a strong sense of confidence and the security that comes with it. Their discerning natures, along with their assertiveness, will help these cheerful individuals excel.


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